My Take on the Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything

I saw a handsome, smart, and ambitious young man recently who unfortunately is suffering from anxiety and stuttering issues. His first assignment:  watch The King’s Speech. I wanted to inspire him. And while you’re at it, please read my blog post on “Movie Therapy.” (“Feeling Sad, Anxious, or Just Out-of-Sorts? An Introduction to Movie Therapy,” February 19, 2013*) I wanted ... Read More »

Why Are Some People So Controlling?

A young man sat in my office today and pondered his father’s unhealthy behavior.  He said his dad would go on daily rants over the smallest infractions. When not having angry outbursts, he is just generally irascible (teens: that means cranky) to his wife and kids. He is clean to a fault (being clean is good; to a fault, not ... Read More »

Time to Find a Mission

Car Wash #3

It’s mid-March. The sun was shining and it was 70 degrees in Lexington yesterday. After a brutal six weeks of record breaking temperatures and snowfalls in Kentucky—in Lexington we hit  -18, and that’s not wind chill; and we saw nearly 30”of snow fall accumulate in two arctic blasts. We also had motorists stranded on Kentucky Interstates for 24+ hours and ... Read More »

Why PTSD is So Intractable–Trauma is Stored in Our Brains!

Marilyn vos Savant is a national columnist and author and has been listed in Guinness World Records for “highest IQ” (both as a child and an adult). I was reading her Q&A column in Parade (Sunday newspaper magazine, readership 79 million) and was delighted to see a mental health question. The reader asked why, if we could hypnotize people to ... Read More »

A Look through the Forgiveness Window

Auschwitz to Forgiveness

A client, “Janine” recently shared with me the abuse she’d undergone at the hands of her father when she was growing up. The beatings were relentless until finally, after turning 18, she escaped by leaving home. What followed were some difficult teen years, two marriages for the wrong reasons, affairs, and alcohol abuse. She was, as Freud would say, continuing to “act out” the ... Read More »