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Small Fears, Big Fears, Fear of Death, and the Antidote

Hardly a day goes by in my office without someone talking about fear. I’ve heard it all. People fear being embarrassed, rejected, outsmarted, and ridiculed. They also fear for their safety and the safety of their loved ones. They fear terminal illness and debilitating conditions. They fear failure. I’ve heard about fear of heights, elevators, closed in spaces, and planes ... Read More »

What Do Therapists and the Guy Who Saved GM Have in Common?

american turnaround

Just finished reading American Turnaround (Business Plus) by Ed Whitacre. I saw Ed on The Daily Show and his common sense approach to complex business problems got my attention. He was tapped by the Obama administration to come out of retirement and help turn around General Motors after the 50 billion dollar TARP bailout. Not to give away the ending, ... Read More »