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Twelve Things Silver Linings Playbook Can Teach You

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook just made it to the top of my Netflix list. I loved it! Come for the entertainment; stay for the positive mental health principles which are as follows: 1)      When people are hurting, they may do crazy things. 2)      Try not to judge them. 3)      Exercise of all kinds builds endorphins. 4)      Try it. 5)      People you ... Read More »

What the Asiana Plane Crash Can Teach Us About Mental Health


In the San Francisco Asiana plane crash, some people tried to help their fellow passengers, while others pushed and shoved in a desperate attempt to get ahead of the rest. In an article from the San Jose Mercury News, Julia Sulek interviewed passengers to find out what happened during the chaos, who showed strength of character and who narcissistically put ... Read More »

Do You Suffer from Psychological Autoimmune Disorder?

My client, Jennifer, was expressing self-defeating thoughts for the umpteenth time. “Do you think my daughter will like her stepmother more than me? The new guy I met didn’t call me back. No one will ever want me. Why am I such a loser?” It had been a long day, and I’d had it with her self-defeating comments. I blurted ... Read More »