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There Are Five Groups of People Who Will Love The Bluegrass Conspiracy–Are You In One of Them?

Bluegrass Conspiracy~

Just finished reading The Bluegrass Conspiracy: An Inside Story of Power, Greed, Drugs, and Murder; by Sally Denton. The book is dense with facts, dates, names, and places; along with crimes, unsolved murders, and murder convictions. Don’t let the density dissuade you! It is a true story, written by a reporter, and reporters love facts. Once you get past the ... Read More »

What do Putin, Firemen, and Macho Men Have in Common?


One of my clients, a young man, has a learning disability that caused him significant difficulty in school. When he came in for his appointment recently, he opened with, “Putin is trying to start World War III in the Ukraine.”  The young man has wisdom far beyond his learning disability. Anyone who is watching and listening can see for themselves ... Read More »