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My Take on the Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything

I saw a handsome, smart, and ambitious young man recently who unfortunately is suffering from anxiety and stuttering issues. His first assignment:  watch The King’s Speech. I wanted to inspire him. And while you’re at it, please read my blog post on “Movie Therapy.” (“Feeling Sad, Anxious, or Just Out-of-Sorts? An Introduction to Movie Therapy,” February 19, 2013*) I wanted ... Read More »

What Fascists and Cheating Husbands Have in Common

A new client, in for marriage counseling, asked me if there was really right and wrong. “Isn’t it just each person’s opinion?” she asked. Or anyway, that’s what her cheating husband had insisted, she shared. I knew why she was seeking marriage counseling. “Yes,” I assured her, “there is right and wrong, and it’s not just one person’s opinion.” I said ... Read More »

The Mental Health Mantra Is . . .


You can’t change others; you can only change yourself. I was explaining this to a couple in for marital counseling. I shared with them that modern day therapy is not about wallowing around in the past. Instead it is about changing behavior. That’s why counseling is no longer referred to as mental health. It’s now called behavioral health. In listening ... Read More »

Change Happens


Embrace it! We humans run the gamut from avoiding change and fleeing from change, to wanting to change but not knowing how to change. As a result our bad habits stick to us like white on Republicans (to quote Stephen Colbert). In therapy, we learn to embrace change. We learn to face ourselves, take an objective look at our strengths ... Read More »