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My Take on the Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything

I saw a handsome, smart, and ambitious young man recently who unfortunately is suffering from anxiety and stuttering issues. His first assignment:  watch The King’s Speech. I wanted to inspire him. And while you’re at it, please read my blog post on “Movie Therapy.” (“Feeling Sad, Anxious, or Just Out-of-Sorts? An Introduction to Movie Therapy,” February 19, 2013*) I wanted ... Read More »

What’s Wrong with Elysium?

matt damon

And I mean the movie, not the offsite, extraplanetary, high-life consortium featured in the movie. Matt Damon, wherefore art thou Jason Bourne? Jodie Foster, have you forgotten about Contact? What happened to good old fashioned sci-fi? Think Star Wars, Iron Man, Avatar. What do the above movies have in common? They’re action, adventure, or sci-fi, but the thread that binds ... Read More »

Twelve Things Silver Linings Playbook Can Teach You

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook just made it to the top of my Netflix list. I loved it! Come for the entertainment; stay for the positive mental health principles which are as follows: 1)      When people are hurting, they may do crazy things. 2)      Try not to judge them. 3)      Exercise of all kinds builds endorphins. 4)      Try it. 5)      People you ... Read More »

Love Is … What Makes the World Go ‘Round


It had been a rough week and my husband, Bob and I were giving ourselves a well-deserved rest. After sleeping in–we decided no rules, no work, no commitments, and all the movies we wanted to watch beginning with an afternoon movie. For us, workaholics that we are, that would be like drinking in the middle of the day. Our DVD was ... Read More »