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Why PTSD is So Intractable–Trauma is Stored in Our Brains!

Marilyn vos Savant is a national columnist and author and has been listed in Guinness World Records for “highest IQ” (both as a child and an adult). I was reading her Q&A column in Parade (Sunday newspaper magazine, readership 79 million) and was delighted to see a mental health question. The reader asked why, if we could hypnotize people to ... Read More »

What Mork, My Clients, Comedians, and Robin Williams Have in Common

My clients have been talking all week about Robin Williams’ suicide. Then I talked to my girlfriend, the successful ghost writer, over the weekend. She said, “Surely you’re going to write a post about Robin Williams?” I said, “Surely there is nothing I could say that hasn’t already been said.” She convinced me that perhaps I had a few words ... Read More »

What Do Boko Haram, the Internet, and Books Have in Common?

I recently read, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr (W.W. Norton & Company). Hint: It’s making us shallow. The author makes a good case, backed up by solid evidence, that the Internet is causing us to think less deeply (less concentration, contemplation, and reflection). Instead we are becoming more ADHD, as we flit ... Read More »

Arguing Leads to Early Death—So Don’t Do It!

Los Angeles Times reporter Karen Kaplan reported on a longitudinal study published online last week in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health that proved that arguing leads to early death. The study looked at middle-aged adults who frequently fought with their spouses and found that they were twice as likely to die young when compared to their nonfighting or ... Read More »

Help! My Husband is Retiring!

Dear Ask My Jackie, I understand that life consists of growth and transitions, but some transitions are overwhelming. I’ve faced marriage, divorce, re-marriage, childbirth, empty nest, and now, the so called “twilight years.” This was supposed to be the reward for persevering the previous transitions and surviving relatively intact. However, last week I had the sensation of being swept up ... Read More »

All’s Fair in Love, War, and ADHD (apparently)


One of my clients, Charity (not her real name), mentioned her son’s recent diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactive disorder. (ADHD) She had been resistant to the diagnosis at first, she shared, but she soon gave in, after realizing that in fact, she and her husband both suffered from ADHD as well. In the end, it was good news. An occupational therapist ... Read More »

The Cure for Loneliness


From Ask My Jackie (see above link) — When does being alone become unhealthy? Dear Alone, If you have to ask—then right now. Let’s talk about loneliness. We live in a culture with seemingly endless electronic distractions. With computers, smart phones, tablets, social media and the like, we are only a device or an app away from our connections with ... Read More »