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Why Are Some People So Controlling?

A young man sat in my office today and pondered his father’s unhealthy behavior.  He said his dad would go on daily rants over the smallest infractions. When not having angry outbursts, he is just generally irascible (teens: that means cranky) to his wife and kids. He is clean to a fault (being clean is good; to a fault, not ... Read More »

How to Recognize a Psychopath Lite

Psychopath Inside

Note: This is part two on this subject. Please start by reading my January 13 post: This is Your Brain on Psychopathy: And For Some, a Cure.  It tells the background story on how James Fallon discovered that he had the brain scan of a psychopath. Just finished reading James Fallon’s book, The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey Into ... Read More »

Understanding and Handling the Corporate Psychopath—A Book Review of “Snakes in Suits”

snakes in suits~.

The term psychopath is part of our common language. Psychopaths make headlines. They are the lead story on the evening news. Books are written about them. Recently, I was watching a CNN broadcast on the Jonestown killings. A survivor was quoted as saying that Jim Jones was a psychopath. No one argued the point. So–criminals, rapists, predators, murderers, and mass ... Read More »

This is Your Brain on Psychopathy: And For Some, a Cure

brain scan

Anderson Cooper, if you weren’t gay, and I wasn’t married, I’d think you were trying to win my heart. For the second time in two weeks you have broadcast an outstanding report that has life-changing implications. (See my December 21 post, “Fear of Death—The Antidote, Part 2” for the previous one.) The latest one is “Professor learns he has the ... Read More »

When Are Mass Shooters Psychopaths and When Are They Mentally Ill and What’s the Difference?

Navy Yard Shooter

After the Washington Navy Yard shooting rampage by Aaron Alexis I had planned to write a post entitled: “What? Another Psychopath?” I’d planned to tie in some well known media psychopaths, e.g., for the nearly 18 million of you who watched the summer CBS science fiction drama “Under the Dome” that Stephen King and Steven Spielberg produced – that would ... Read More »