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What do Putin, Firemen, and Macho Men Have in Common?


One of my clients, a young man, has a learning disability that caused him significant difficulty in school. When he came in for his appointment recently, he opened with, “Putin is trying to start World War III in the Ukraine.”  The young man has wisdom far beyond his learning disability. Anyone who is watching and listening can see for themselves ... Read More »

All’s Fair in Love, War, and ADHD (apparently)


One of my clients, Charity (not her real name), mentioned her son’s recent diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactive disorder. (ADHD) She had been resistant to the diagnosis at first, she shared, but she soon gave in, after realizing that in fact, she and her husband both suffered from ADHD as well. In the end, it was good news. An occupational therapist ... Read More »

What Does Your Life and the Obama Administration Have in Common?

The  Obama administration is having a bad week. First the Benghazi hearings, then the IRS scandal, then the DOJ’s secret subpoena. Repubs want to hang them from the highest tree and are talking impeachment hearings at worst, or at the very least using the controversies to fuel fund-raising efforts. Come on  folks, they’re just having a bad week. Haven’t you ... Read More »

Harmony Happens-Let it Happen to You!


I can’t think of any subject that could use more harmony in this country than politics, so a story about  finding harmony between people of different  political  persuasions. . . . I read an article in Time (December 17) by Rob Long, a rare conservative in liberal Hollywood. He wrote about how gentle and understanding his liberal friends were after ... Read More »