Helping You Change Your World

Helping You Change Your World

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely (Petula Clark) you can always try out a new therapy. Check out our Top 10 Best Therapies for 2012:

1) Talk Therapy. Well, duh!

2) Chocolate Therapy. Ben and Jerry’s has a trademarked flavor with this name. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream. Seriously, the best chocolate therapy for 2012.

3) Skinny Mirror Therapy. My oldest daughter makes fun of me for this one, but she’s not 5’ 1” and a little stumpy. If you are over 50 or overweight, you’re going to love this therapy.  For as little as $6.99 at Target, you can get a wall mirror that you lean against the wall instead of mounting. If you can get the angle right, you can increase your height by a few inches and make yourself look 5-7 pounds thinner.

4) Mani-Pedi Therapy. I don’t have the slightest idea why this works, but it does. Could be related to #5.

5) Hairdresser Therapy. Get a cut, color, blow out, style, or highlight. Anything that spruces up, cleans up, freshens up your look.

6) Movie Therapy. One of my favorites. When my Dad passed away and I got depressed, I once watched six movies in one day. Smartest thing I ever did. Became the turning point day for the end of my depression.

7) Conspiracy Theories Therapy. For those of you who love facts, fact-checking and Look up conspiracy theories when you are feeling low and you will get an immediate boost from viewing all these urban legends. Hilarious.

8) Doomsday Prophecies Therapy. Offshoot of above. A look up on these will show you doomsday prophecies from Halle Bop, to Y2K, to the Mayan calendar. You will no longer be depressed because none of them came true!

9) Hot Bath Therapy. A classic therapy for years. Bubbles optional.

10) Nutrition and Exercise Therapy:  Eat less; move more! Includes healthy foods, vitamins, minerals, hormones, traditional, alternative, wacky, running, jogging, walking, working out, taking the stairs, and chasing kids.

Your favorite therapy not on this list? Leave a comment and we’ll include it on next year’s list!

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