All’s Fair in Love, War, and ADHD (apparently)


One of my clients, Charity (not her real name), mentioned her son’s recent diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactive disorder. (ADHD) She had been resistant to the diagnosis at first, she shared, but she soon gave in, after realizing that in fact, she and her husband both suffered from ADHD as well. In the end, it was good news. An occupational therapist ... Read More »

The Cure for Loneliness


From Ask My Jackie (see above link) — When does being alone become unhealthy? Dear Alone, If you have to ask—then right now. Let’s talk about loneliness. We live in a culture with seemingly endless electronic distractions. With computers, smart phones, tablets, social media and the like, we are only a device or an app away from our connections with ... Read More »

This is Your Brain on Psychopathy: And For Some, a Cure

brain scan

Anderson Cooper, if you weren’t gay, and I wasn’t married, I’d think you were trying to win my heart. For the second time in two weeks you have broadcast an outstanding report that has life-changing implications. (See my December 21 post, “Fear of Death—The Antidote, Part 2” for the previous one.) The latest one is “Professor learns he has the ... Read More »

Top Ten Best Therapy Tips for 2013

Top 10

1)      Relax more (see my 12/28  post—“Managing Holiday Stress: A Tip That Will Work All Year”). It’s called vacation. (Take more of them.) 2)      Work smarter, not harder. It’s called efficiency. 3)      Get a pet. Love your pet. Talk for your pet (because they can’t). It’s called love. 4)      Get HD (and a DVR, while you’re at it). Blu-ray, you’re ... Read More »

Managing Holiday Stress: A Tip That Will Work All Year


I see a young client, let’s call her Maria, who suffers from nearly every anxiety disorder listed in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – the bible for mental health professionals). Maria has panic disorder, social phobia, agoraphobia, specific phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic-stress disorder. As part of her treatment plan, she and I are ... Read More »

Fear of Death–The Antidote, Part 2

NDE tunnel

Below is an excerpt from my April 28 post (Small Fears, Big Fears, Fear of Death, and the Antidote) that challenged us to overcome our fear of death. Hardly a day goes by in my office without someone talking about fear. I’ve heard it all. People fear being embarrassed, rejected, outsmarted, and ridiculed. They also fear for their safety and ... Read More »