Harmony Happens-Let it Happen to You!


I can’t think of any subject that could use more harmony in this country than politics, so a story about  finding harmony between people of different  political  persuasions. . . . I read an article in Time (December 17) by Rob Long, a rare conservative in liberal Hollywood. He wrote about how gentle and understanding his liberal friends were after ... Read More »

Talk Therapy: A Bridge to Understanding


Recently I saw a man whose drinking had gotten so bad that it was going to cost him his wife and family. After two sessions of straight talk, he’d gotten sober and changed the course of his life. Before therapy he didn’t even realize he had a drinking problem. Then I saw a recent college grad who was so stressed ... Read More »

Change Happens


Embrace it! We humans run the gamut from avoiding change and fleeing from change, to wanting to change but not knowing how to change. As a result our bad habits stick to us like white on Republicans (to quote Stephen Colbert). In therapy, we learn to embrace change. We learn to face ourselves, take an objective look at our strengths ... Read More »