There Are Five Groups of People Who Will Love The Bluegrass Conspiracy–Are You In One of Them?

Just finished reading The Bluegrass Conspiracy: An Inside Story of Power, Greed, Drugs, and Murder; by Sally Denton.

The book is dense with facts, dates, names, and places; along with crimes, unsolved murders, and murder convictions.

Don’t let the density dissuade you! It is a true story, written by a reporter, and reporters love facts. Once you get past the density, you will gripped by this page turner, and will not be able to put it down. Yes, Virginia, there really are very bad guys in very nice places like Lexington, Kentucky.

So who will love this book?

1)      Mental health professionals or even armchair psychologists will love the case studies of narcissism and psychopathy.

2)       Anyone who lives in Lexington, KY or visits there will appreciate the local color and will be aghast that metro Lexington was once ruled by small town corruption.

3)      If you are a metro police officer, a state police officer, or a detective, (a special shout-out to my two first cousins) this book is a must-read. We should all be grateful for state police officer Ralph Ross who made unraveling this corruption his life’s work. Only Ralph Ross kept Lexington from becoming a “little Chicago.”

4)      If you are a lover of crime/detective stories: this is true crime at its best.

5)      Lastly, Hollywood producers: This story has it all; beautiful people, gorgeous horse farms, money, power, corruption, murder, narcissism, drugs, dirty cops, other bad guys, secret circles of the U.S. government, and one good guy who is nearly foiled.  And the story opens with a guy (Drew Thornton) parachuting to his death with thousands of dollars in cash and 150 lbs of cocaine strapped to his body. What more can you ask for?*

*Update: Sally Denton’s website tells us that the movie rights have been purchased. So Hollywood has noticed.  Let’s get going Hollywood. Working title? How about “Little Chicago in the Bluegrass?” :-)

Sanity now!

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