What Do Therapists and the Guy Who Saved GM Have in Common?

american turnaround

Just finished reading American Turnaround (Business Plus) by Ed Whitacre. I saw Ed on The Daily Show and his common sense approach to complex business problems got my attention. He was tapped by the Obama administration to come out of retirement and help turn around General Motors after the 50 billion dollar TARP bailout. Not to give away the ending, ... Read More »

What the World’s Most Famous Ballet Company Can Teach Us About Good Mental Health – Hint: It’s Not Do as I Do


Just finished reading last week’s Time magazine article about the troubles at the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia, the world’s most famous ballet company. There is no doubt that the ballerinas at the Bolshoi are among the best dancers in the world and that they are awesome role models for dancers everywhere. It turns out they are not awesome role models ... Read More »

What Fascists and Cheating Husbands Have in Common


A new client, in for marriage counseling, asked me if there was really right and wrong. “Isn’t it just each person’s opinion?” she asked. Or anyway, that’s what her cheating husband had insisted, she shared. I knew why she was seeking marriage counseling. “Yes,” I assured her, “there is right and wrong, and it’s not just one person’s opinion.” I said ... Read More »

The Anger Cure: Don’t Let Anyone Get Your Goat!


My client was upset by an email she got from her estranged husband. When she forwarded the email to her family law attorney, he counseled her to ignore it. He said, “He’s just trying to get your goat!” My client wisely backed off and didn’t make an issue of it. I made a mental note to check on the origin ... Read More »

Are You Emotionally Generous or Are You an Emotional Miser and What Can We Learn From Little Red Riding Hood?


One of my clients was researching her dysfunctional, emotionally abusive, narcissistic personality disordered ex-boyfriend in hopes of maintaining our agreed upon no contact rule, when she ran across an interesting comment. That the narcissistic male is attracted to emotionally generous women. They can smell them a mile away. They see their generosity as an easy mark. She admitted regretfully that ... Read More »

Helping You Change Your World


When you’re alone and life is making you lonely (Petula Clark) you can always try out a new therapy. Check out our Top 10 Best Therapies for 2012: 1) Talk Therapy. Well, duh! 2) Chocolate Therapy. Ben and Jerry’s has a trademarked flavor with this name. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream. Seriously, the best chocolate ... Read More »

The Mental Health Mantra Is . . .


You can’t change others; you can only change yourself. I was explaining this to a couple in for marital counseling. I shared with them that modern day therapy is not about wallowing around in the past. Instead it is about changing behavior. That’s why counseling is no longer referred to as mental health. It’s now called behavioral health. In listening ... Read More »

Love Is … What Makes the World Go ‘Round


It had been a rough week and my husband, Bob and I were giving ourselves a well-deserved rest. After sleeping in–we decided no rules, no work, no commitments, and all the movies we wanted to watch beginning with an afternoon movie. For us, workaholics that we are, that would be like drinking in the middle of the day. Our DVD was ... Read More »